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Elizabeth Bunston and William Luck

Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Bunstone and Mary Prowse was born in South Petherton, Somerset on April 14th 1824. Like her brothers Henry and William, Elizabeth migrated to Australia.

It’s possible that Elizabeth traveled to Tasmania on board “Royal Saxon” which arrived in Launceston on November 22nd 1842. The passenger list has an 18 year old Elizabeth Bunstoner.  Though later research is yet to be able to confirm this information.  However, the time frame is correct as the 1841 Census shows Elizabeth in England and her marriage record has her in Australia.

When she was 19 Elizabeth married William Luck at St John’s, Launceston, Tasmania on November 22nd 1843.

The son of John Luck and Hannah Gibbs, William was born in Wootton, Northhamptonshire, England on February 23rd 1823. 

There is a record of a 17 year old criminal named William Luck that was transported to Australia from Northhampton in 1842.  He was tried in 1840 and sentenced to 7 years for larceny.  He sailed to Australia on board the "Tortoise".

In the early to mid 1850’s the family moved to Victoria. They only stayed for a couple of years, as their daughter Catherine was born in Victoria in 1853. All of the other children, before and after, were born in Tasmania.  There is a record of a William Luck traveling to Geelong, Victoria - arriving on 9 August 1849.  Though at this stage it is unconfirmed as it does not fit with the birth dates of the children born in Tasmania around this time. 

Elizabeth and William had at least 14 children together: Mary (1844); Alice (1846); William (1847); John (1849); James (1850); Joseph (1851); Catherine (1853); Hannah (1856); Charlotte (1857); George (1859); Sarah (1861); Annie (1862); Ada (1865) and Alfred (1868).

Elizabeth died in Hagley, Tasmania on May 31st 1870.

After Elizabeth died William went on to marry Elizabeth Jane Burnett on January 1st 1872 at Westbury, Tasmania. William supposedly had a total of 23 children, going on to have another nine with his second wife.

William died in 1912 on July 20th at Vermont, Tasmania.

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