Credits & Resources

Whilst I have myself spent many hours researching alone, a lot of what I have found and compiled could not have been done without the research of others.  I always believe in "credit where credit is due".  Below is a list of people who have helped me over the years - though I'm sure I have unintentionally missed a few.  If I have left you off the list, let me know :)

Mrs Judy Adams                    Mrs Marilyn Berry                    Mrs Glenys Beveridge
Mrs Val Brooks                      Mr & Mrs Alan Bunston           Mrs Bonnie Bunston              
Mrs Mavis Bunston                Mr Philip Bunston                     Mr Ron Bunston                    
Mr Ronald Bunston                Mr Vernon Bunston                   Mr & Mrs Harry Bunstun    
Mr & Mrs Alan Burstall          Mrs Annie Butterworth            Mr & Mrs Stan Cairns
Mr & Mrs Brian Delbridge     Mrs Marjorie Dinnes                Mr Robert Dodds
Mrs Coralie Erwen                  Mr and Mrs Barry Gratton        Mr David Gratton
Mr John Gratton                      Mr Ken Gratton                       Mr Rodney Gratton
Mrs Rosemary Harris              Mrs Norma Henderson            Mr & Mrs Neville Killop
Mrs Lois Kime                        Mrs Eleanor Kissick                Mrs Amy Lane                      
Mrs Marie Lear                        Mrs Judy Leigh                       Mrs Shirley Lovel                  
Mrs Maylene McLeod              Mr & Mrs Erna Mead             Mr Murray Morris                  
Mrs Muriel Morris                   Mrs Shirley Mossop                Mrs Mary Mundey                
Mr & Mrs Ian Nash                 Mr Percival Nash OAM           Mr Wilfred Nash                   
Mr Percy Perry                        Mrs Ric Pollard                        Mrs Diane Potter                   
Mrs Anne Richardson             Mrs Coralie Rippon                  Mr Allan Robertson                
Mr Brian Robertson                 Mr Dennis Robertson              Mrs Robyn Robertson - Beijen
Mrs Beryl Sanders                   Mrs Loris Sanderson                 Mrs Muriel Sawyer              
Mrs Keitha Schoppe                 Mr Larry Shoger                       Mr & Mrs Laurence Spriggs  
Mrs Lois Symes                       Mrs Beth Taylor                      Mrs Linda Terry                      
Mrs Peta Uthmeyer                  Mr Geoff Walker                     Mrs Fay Westhead                 
Mrs Pamela Winter                  suekins06 (from Ancestry)

Some websites used over the years                                                                                                                
Google (of course!)

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