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28 October 2017

So much for doing lots of blogging after the move, though I did a few posts I guess.

Both myself and hubby have now found new jobs which is great.  Mine is not quite as interesting as my old one, but the people are nice and once I get the hang of it, I'm sure something will capture my attention.

We are moving house again.  The house we moved into was always going to just be temporary.  We have found something much more suitable and should be moved in by end next week.  We had orientation day at the primary school for the boy to start next year.

I did several months of good solid writing on the book.  I think I am going over board a bit and might need to cut back on some of the later generations.  Maybe stopping at 1900... so many people!  But I guess if I stop there, I have the info already for book 3 (should I do one).  Of course now that I am working again, I have not written a thing.  Hopefully once we are settled into the new house I can get back into it.

The story of our lives this year has been packing - and that is what I need to go and do now.

Cheers, Georgie

13 June 2017

Well, the big move has happened.  Today we finally got the Internet put back on - had been here for nearly 2 weeks without it.  The boy was going crazy without his Roblox and Youtube!

Our new life is coming together - the first day of preschool on Thursday, for which we are all very excited.  Hubby has applied for a couple of jobs, but now that the internet is connected he can apply to all those places that only take online applications.  Once he's working, I can set about getting my book done.

Before we moved I had packed away my notes, so I haven't done any actual writing for months.  However, I was still researching so have a lot to catch up on.  The amount of information I have received from all over the world has been mind blowing.  I'm so grateful.

Anyway, we have a lot to do!

Cheers, Georgie

24 February 2017

It was a sad day today with the passing of a dear friend I had known for 18 years - didn't seem that long, though sometimes it feels much longer.  Rest in peace Sparkles!

Well, last time I posted about surprises coming our way and last week I had to make it official - silly rumour mill at work... We are packing up the house and moving interstate! The beach and hopefully a more stress free lifestyle is calling.  I officially resigned from my job and in three months we venture into the unknown.

Stay tuned!

Cheers, Georgie

11 February 2017

Hmm, I thought I'd posted for the new year... guess not!

We had a great little break in Geelong for the New Year, somehow got a free upgrade on the hotel room so was able to watch the fireworks from the balcony.  Can't complain about that.

Over the hot weather - 40 + degrees can go away fast, for a very long time.  Even the AC is struggling to stay cool.  But, one a good note, I bought a new computer and have now finally got it up and running today.  Ancestry looks amazing on this huge screen.  I can't wait to start typing the book up on this.

Speaking of the book,  I did a heap of research over Xmas and it was progressing well, until hubby's laptop died.  So he has my laptop which meant I had no computer to work on for a few weeks.  That has changed now and I look forward to get back into it with a vengeance.

The future has also got some big surprises coming our way - but I'm keeping them secret for a while longer - no, not pregnant!

Have a great weekend, and if you are in Australia - keep cool!

Cheers, Georgie

23 December 2016

Well, another year almost done and dusted.

I have a very excited four year old who, when decorating the Xmas tree three weeks ago, declared "this is the best Xmas ever!"  I hope he is always this easy to please.

The book is coming along and hopefully I get to make some real headway before I go back to work.  I have found two companies that can print it, so when the time comes I'll be able to get a good deal - hope so anyway!

Summer is beating me up already... hate the heat.  It's going to be around 40 all next week :( not looking forward to it at all I'm afraid.  On the plus side, the cricket is on (or at least will be next week) and I have an AC duct in the perfect place to keep me cool in my study.

Merry Christmas, everyone.  And wishing you all a happy and safe 2017.

Cheers, Georgie

11 October 2016

Unfortunately I have not progressed much on the book of late - life getting in the way, I guess :)

The holidays haven been and gone way too quickly.  It was great catching up with all the family again.  Looking forward now to the 2017 one.

So much for spring - we should be reaching temps of nearly 30 by now, but still in the high teens and so wet the town was cut off for a while.  I won't complain about the heat (or lack of it) as I hate summer, but some sunny days would be nice.

Well, it's after midnight and I have to get up for work in the morning.  I kind of just wanted to come on here so a had a recent update.  I really need to do a new post.  I miss writing on here.

Cheers, Georgie

27 August 2016

Well, it's nearly spring time here in Australia.  I have holidays coming up at the end of September and am REALLY looking forward to that!

I feel terrible that my blog that I love so much is not getting any attention from me at all these days.  All of my attention when on the computer is directed towards me book.  It's coming along well, my draft is into it's third notebook.  Sometimes I want to start typing it up to see how many pages I have so far, but this will totally distract me from the research and writing so will have to wait.

The diet is coming along - 12kgs gone!  I've been sick with a cold so that has delayed my progress a bit.  But, still going...

Back to the book now.

Until next time... cheers, Georgie

6 June 2016

My poor little blog is being neglected.  So is my Facebook page for that matter,  Pretty much all of my time online is spent on Ancestry and Google whilst I work on my book.  I haven't done so much research in years and the book is coming along nicely.  I'm excited to see the finished product and I don't think I'm even a quarter of the way done yet.

Two weeks off work now, so I plan on doing some house work and lots of writing.  My hubby has to work and it's too cold and rainy to do much outside.  I do plan on going away - time to just have a relax, for 6 hours a day anyway, while the boy is in daycare.

I started a diet four weeks ago and have lost almost 5kgs... go me!  You can't tell from looking at me which is a shame, but I'm starting to feel better.  My goal is to loose all the weight I have gained over the last 17 years and get back to where I was when I moved up here.  5 down, lots to go!

Happy Queen's B'day for next Monday!

Until next time... cheers, Georgie

8 April 2016

Well my week off came and went.  I did manage to do a bit of research and writing, but not as much as I would liked.  I finally was to connect Herbert Bunston (an actor from the early 1930s) to my family.  Was pretty excited!

I don't know how many pages I've written, but compared to the first book, it is all new territory - this side of the family was unknown to me 16 years ago.  I must say that the internet makes this job so much easier and quicker.  No more snail mail or trips to the library... well, I might still go to the library!

I made reconnected with a few old family members that helped out with the last book and have met some new ones recently who have given me so much already.  I have also found some places that are still existing today that were run by Bunstons back in the 1880s.

Until next time, cheers, Georgie

22 March 2016

I love having my study!  It has totally motivated me to start working on my follow up book about the Bunston family. 

I have only been working on it for a couple of days, but the more concentrated focus on the family is already helping my research.

I have the week off next week, so hopefully I'll make some decent headway.

Until next time... cheers, Georgie

26 February 2016

WOOHOO!!! The study is finished!  Actually is was finished before last weekend, but mum and dad were visiting so I didn't get on here to post about it.  This afternoon I start unpacking all of my hoardings again... let's hope I don't have to do this again for a while.

I am having a great time arranging everything.  We bought our son a new bookcase with a toybox at the bottom, so now I have his old bookcase.  This means I have shelves big enough for the albums and folders that would not fit in the other cabinet.  Of course this also means I have a lot more storage space it fill... don't tell hubby!

Dinner time and then back to sorting and unpacking.  Loving life and so happy to finally have my own space in our house again.

Until next time... cheers, Georgie

24 January 2016

My study is nearly finished... the external wall has been moved over and the wall rebricked.  The interior walls and doors are in the process of being under coated.  We have to wait a few weeks for the cornice to arrive and then we can get a painter in to finish it all off.  So excited!

The last few weeks have been a bit eventful on the history side of this too.  Not so much in the way of research, though I've done a bit.  This blog got archived in Pandora by the National Library of Australia, so that was pretty cool.  I've also been contacted by a distant relo who provided some information for the book by in 2000 plus another person who is writing something and needed some info.  I also received some new pics from my father in laws cousin.

The nearly 4 year old is pressuring me to play cars again, so must be off.

Happy Oz Day for the 26th.

Cheers, Georgie

7 January 2016

Happy new year readers :)

Well we finally did get the quote from our builder and work begins next week.  So I have spent the day packing up all of the stuff in my study that I had unpacked.  The builder is also a cabinet maker, so hopefully I can get something done about the shelves on the buffet.

Xmas, as always, was hectic - traveling to visit family and friends.  My three weeks holiday is nearly over and I do not feel very relaxed... maybe I'll get some time to myself when I'm back at work.  As my husband says "there is no me time when you have a family".

I have a couple of posts on the go and once the study is built I hope to get them finished and posted.  I have some big ideas for my research - the library I mentioned before as well a a full chart printed out... I wonder if that will even be possible!?

Until next time... cheers, Georgie

11 October 2015

Hi All,

Still no study, or quote from the builder... crazy!  But two days after my hubby bought my desk he also got me a matching buffet / hutch.  Almost perfect office storage, the shelves are just not quite tall enough for some albums or folders.  But I can make it work, it looks awesome and I'm finally sorting all my hoardings.

You may have also noticed I have started writing a few more posts... happy days!

Cheers, Georgie

16 August 2015

Hi All,

Well, I'm super excited.  My hubby bought me a new desk for my new study.  I love it - still don't have a study yet, currently waiting on a quote from a builder.  But, I finally have somewhere to work on my research.

My plan is to eventually print out all the records and certificates I have found and create a cataloged research library.  Yes, I'm a hoarder and no, my husband is not thrilled by that!

Research wise I have been pretty slack.  Occasionally doing a random search or two but that's about it.  I also haven't posted on here because most of my posts were stories I had already written.  Since everything has been packed away I couldn't really get my hands on things to write new posts... with my new space almost being ready for action I hope to finally get some things posted.

Cheers, Georgie

7 January, 2015

Hi All,

You may notice it's been a while since my last post.  With a two year old climbing all over me, work being flat out and then the Christmas / New Year period I have really not had much time to think about a new post.

I have been researching, though, particularly on my husband's side.  I have been finding some interesting new information, and with the help of other research provided by my hubby's aunt (as well as some fantastic photos) I hope to post on this side of the family soon.

I want to also expand on the pedigree charts that have already been posted and perhaps add more names to my surname list.

Once we get back into the routine of normal life again I shall hopefully get my act into gear.

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year and I wish nothing but good things for you and your family for 2015.

Cheers, Georgie

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